Many times I have wondered what lead me to make wedding photography after so many years of working as an Art Director. Something that was so far away from me, and being only 27 years old.
Now I understand why. After sharing and enjoying hundreds of weddings, I understand what is being celebrated: LOVE. It is wonderful to see how the members of the family and friends prepare themselves to join the bride and the groom in their special moment, how they travel, and take care of every detail so that that night is perfect . I´ve seen 90 year old people flying from the US in order to be in their nephew´s wedding. I´ve seen a mother crying deeply moved during her speech, because life gave her, after a long illness, the possibility of being in her son´s wedding. I´ve heard many couples saying they had gone through a lot of hard moments, but they were there, still together, hand in hand, taking care of each other.

I take photos of pure love. Not only between members of a couple, but also between parents and their children, brothers and sisters, friends, etc. I have a wonderful job and I can´t help feeling moved in each coming wedding, because in each one life reminds me why I am alive.
My name is Josefina, film maker, photographer and Rwanda Weddings´ founder.
Thank you for letting me be part of a day that involves so many feeling.
Josefina Farhat