"Love works magic. It is the final purpose of the world story, the Amen of the Universe."

Photography, as any other work of art, has an author. When it comes to signature photography, authors are usually recognizable by distinctive features in their work. Photographs with personality.
Photographs that go beyond the visual and convey a message, evoke feelings.
What authors pursue is to express life as it is or, at least, as they understand it is.



Aureliano + Julieta

"Merci Jose! ce sont des très belles photos qui raccontent l'histoire de notre jour de mariage, avec une telle
sensibilité que ça nous le fait revivre! Je pense que même si on s'était mariés dans un jardin habillés avec nos pijamas, vous auriez pu le photographier
merveilleusement! je vis avec un petit coup de blues le post mariage, mais cettes photos me permettent de me sentir là à nouveau. MERCI!"

Dayanis + Israel

"We picked Rwanda Studio because we saw them photograph a wedding the day after we got engaged in Cancun. When our planning commenced I did some investigative work to find the pictures from that beautiful wedding we had seen. I quickly found Rwanda and fell in love with every single picture and their videos. I convinced my fiancé that they had to be our photographers. He made me check prices just to be on safe side but there was no competition."

Ana + Pierce

"While organizing our wedding we were offered an incredible amount of photography services, with different packages and price ranges. But with each photographer we saw, we found all the cliches (some you want, some you don't), but the essence was always the same. When we found Rwanda Studio, we saw that all her photo shoots told a story. The pictures showed in a beautiful and poetic way different stories. Whether it was an engagement shoot, a wedding shoot or a trash the dress you were able to feel what the people in the pictures were feeling and you felt part of their day and most importantly their story.
When we got in contact with Josefina, she immediately made us feel comfortable (specially since we were planning a wedding overseas). She understood exactly what we were looking for and provided us different packages to choose from.
Our biggest concern while organizing our wedding, was that everything was going to pass by so fast and it did; that day passed by in a blink of an eye, but we have beautiful pictures that tell the story of that wonderful day!"